MKT_8597-LRDuane Ham grew up in Killeen, where his mother and father instilled the values of family, hard work and education. Duane’s father was Superintendent of the Killeen Independent School district. A turning point in Duane’s life was when he attended high school at the South Texas Children’s Home Ministry (STCHM) where his life was changed and a future leader was born. While at STCHM, Duane had the opportunity to become more involved in the agriculture industry working a ranch in South Texas. There he trained horses, hauled hay, worked cattle and learned the value of hard work. As a true entrepreneur, after high school he began his first business.

Today, Duane is a trusted community leader and successful small businessman. He has built several businesses and employed hundreds of Texans. As a successful business owner Duane has seen first-hand the burden that government regulations cause for our business community, our economy and our families. He is concerned about Obamacare and excessive regulatory burdens, as well. Duane and his wife Jena have three children and are involved in their school and extracurricular activities.

As our city councilman, Duane will fight Obamacare, stop government regulations that hurt small business and ensure that families are protected, not hurt by government. Duane Ham will put practical business experience, common sense and family values to work for us.